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He delivered 428 tons of critical Class I-IX cargo over the Main Supply Routes (MSRs) in Iraq servicing fourteen forward operating bases. SGT Lizyness displayed tireless devotion to the safety and well being of his Soldiers, and utilized composite risk management in all aspects of his squad's day to day duties. CPL Martin served as the Morale, Welfare, and Recreation representative for the Medical Company. SGT Doe was a motivated and dedicated Noncommissioned Officer who far exceeded course standards and achieved the Distinguished Honor Graduate recognition. SPC House, with his FLA crew, assisted Weed Army Community Hospital's Emergency Department during a real world MASCAL. He motivated and mentored 9 Soldiers to accomplish each mission. Sergeant Doe enhanced the 119th Inland Cargo Transfer Company's image in the community by volunteering over 400 hours at the local elementary schools, actively engaging the students to assist with the lesson plans, assisting in the gym to keep the students active and orderly, and assisting the staff with everything from parent drop off at Alanton Elementary School, to helping with paperwork at John B. Dey Elementary School. He never wavered, nor complained to complete a task set before him. In addition, the First Sergeant and Company Commander relied on him for assisting in training and mission requirements. During the 95-02 NTC rotation, the 4th FSB TOC was overran by OPFOR Forces, SGT Canman took charge of the MASCAL operation and oversaw the immediate evacuation and received several commendable comments for his actions from the 4th FSB chain of command. Her dedication to her work, ability to work with minimal supervision, and attention to detail was hailed by G2 leadership on several occasions. SPC C's expertise as a Petroleum Supply Specialist (92F) was a key function for the Division Tactical Command Post (DTAC) training exercise from 01 September to 10 October 2015. He also taught the class Preventive Maintenance Checks and Services and how to properly carry out a lubrication order to standard to the Platoon. SGT sonso conducted over 200 technical inspections and unscheduled maintenance on an entire fleet of engineer equipment. If the tolerance is exceeded and the component is scrapped, the company suffers a $ 20 \$ 20 $20 cost. SPC XXXX without hesitation, voluntarily took on the extra responsibility of being the sole dedicated Electronic/ Mobile Technician for XXXX. This process ensured that Task Force ODIN A had the required communications resources available to effectively assist the war fighter on the ground. Her knowledge of tactics, techniques, and procedures contributed to the success of the company's mission. She executes extremely well and with unfaltering reliability; utilizes self motivation to successfully accomplish the most challenging of tasks. (Nominees must be available on this date to be considered Anything individual can easily be a COA. PFC Love was identified as having the skills required to be a part of the FOB Apache BETTS-C tower operating crew, and was thereby selected over 50 Soldiers for this assignment. . To ensure that the squad was able to properly account for all assigned equipment, SGT Doe devised and implemented a system of marking squad and individual equipment which facilitated easy identification of Basic Issue Items (BII) and other pieces of organizational equipment. His proficiency as a Team Leader enabled the platoon to receive excellent ratings during the last company external evaluation, which directly reflected SGT SoSo's leadership potential, attention to detail, and dedication to duty. In this he not only demonstrated a personal dedication to his duties but also brought great credit to his company and battalion as well. PFC Gibson, was instrumental in the success of over 100 route clearance missions in the United States Division-East area of operations during OEF 12-13. SGT XXXXXX's squad conducted over 1,900 hours of combat patrols within the Baghdad area. CPL Martin also developed an up to date Standard Operating Procedure to refine specific guidelines on accountability, safety, and assisted with periodic inspections. Acted as a mentor for the ANA Combat Medic Course in RST-S. He developed a matrix to manage and track 510 personnel actions submitted to the Battalion for processing that resulted in 100% actions resolution. Since November 2017, Sergeant Badjie has supported the Ammo mission for the whole Brigade and transported over 30,000 rounds with no issues nor any accidents. SGT Smith assumed responsibilities of Operations Officer as well as NCOIC separately during the period of 1 month. It is awarded to graduates of the Officer Candidate Course (OCC) based on their combined Leadership, Academic . Free NCOER and Award Bullet Tools. This expertise was further shared with the Brigade Fires cell, creating an enhanced awareness of airspace issues for the Brigade Commander and his staff, allowing them to properly command and control the battlefield. Thanks! His incomparable performance and cutting edge approach to training has brought prodigious respect and value to the United States Army Reserves, as well as the XXXD EN CO (MRB) (DET 1). Enter all recognitions/awards on the DA Form 1059. As the SPO (Support Operations) Command Post Of the Future (CPOF) Operator, SGT Doe worked tirelessly and devoted all time and efforts to create CPOF equivalent briefing and tracking aids to assist in the accurate and timely reporting, tracking and updating of personnel, equipment and supplies out on the battlefield in an impeccable manner. It's hit and miss, and in my experience, the awards have only come from the schoolhouse and not my unit. He is an excellent Soldier who has the professional and personal attributes necessary to perform at the Senior Noncommissioned Officer level. (U.S. Army National Guard photo by Spc. He successfully maintained and operated a $6,000,000 IT architecture that was comprised of 3 SATCOM suites, and 2 Virtual Ground Terminals. She mentored her peers as they moved under Base Realignment and Closure to the new location six months after she set up her supply operations. SPC Henderson tracked required training and was the Combined Federal Campaign manager for RHC-P Headquarters staff. SPC SO&SO set himself apart from his peers by attending, CLS, CWLC, and DEA Basic Course Course. His endless hours of work and dedication to his unit allowed the First Sergeant and Company Commander to carry out other training and mission requirements. He expertly performed duties as a vehicle operator on the Husky GPR, and Dismount. By doing this Spc Doe had inspired the command of the 69th signal battalion to contact the 2-28 Cco command and announce their appreciation for the classes that were given while also awarding a coin where Spc Doe had given to the company demonstrating his own appreciation for the chances he recieves to adhere to his duties. While being assigned to the unit, SPC Kirton-Smith always displayed a high level of dedication and motivation. SPC XXXX has went above and beyond the call of duty by using his personal expertise with Microsoft office, to aid the XXXX G6 maintain a track record of the daily operations here in XXXX. XXX Doe's involvement with the Honor Guard has left a positive and lasting imprint with the Families of deceased Veterans, showing great admiration and honor to the United States military. "The Distinguished Graduate Student . CSR Serbentas' aggressive determination and unrivaled performance contributed to winning two Cadet of the Semester Boards, Cadet of the Year, and the Scholar Athlete Award. Driving force in developing the exercise concept, intelligence requirements and support plan for the Infantry Division s Mission Rehearsal Exercise (MRE) and Corps War Fighter Exercise (WFX). In addition, the First Sergeant and Company Commander relied on him for assisting in training and mission requirements. His unique skills and can do attitude greatly contributed to mission success. His contributed hours of guard duty on the Range 19 Gate provided the necessary support for vehicle entry and exit. During the successful performance of his duties, SGT --- maintained a 100 percent free accident record contributing to the unit accident-free running total of -- days. In the absence of an NCO, SPC Beaver performed flawlessly outside his MOS (25N) working in the Battery orderly room supporting approximately 190 Soldiers. SPC Berdan continuously took initiative to ensure his gun and radios were fully mission capable with little to no guidance. His skills, competence, and leadership played a vital role in the success of the completion of all tasks required for the S1 Department. He taught them to proficiently operate and troubleshoot the equipment independently. SGT Alvarez distinguished himself by exceptional meritorious service, demonstrating to all that he is a professional Soldier, dedicated to excellence in his field of expertise. SPC Communicator admirably served as a Signal Support Systems Specialist and the alternate Communications Security (COMSEC) hand-receipt holder for 1-227 Attack Reconnaissance Battalion (ARB). During Operation Enduring Freedom, SPC Berdan continuously volunteered to work above and beyond his peers during his down time to ensure the Platoons Howitzers were fully mission capable. Supervision without promotion [ edit] Upon completion of ALS, the graduate is authorized to write performance reports on subordinates. 2017). The following are additional awards presented during graduation that demonstrate a student's commitment to excellence. Her capacity to adapt, adjust, and overcome allowed her to resolve issues and stressors throughout the exercise. His technical prowess was critical to his team achieving a setup time of 23 minutes surpassing the Brigade standard of 90 minutes during crew drill certification. Kristine Koch, a member of the North Carolina Air National Guard, is now part of that percentage as a distinguished graduate of Airman Leadership School. He volunteered over 100 hours planning, networking, and organizing 10 events that lifted the morale of the 950 Soldiers and civilians stationed at North Camp. SPC Doe showed great pride and enthusiasm in every task he undertook, producing excellent results throughout the deployment. His skill, competence and leadership enhanced the preparation and overall accomplishment of Operation Task Force Harvest, resulting in over 2,000 pieces of equipment turned in without error. His attention to detail ensured all personnel in the company were trained and ready. SPC Perezramos' outstanding dedication to duty and focus towards mission accomplishment was instrumental in his teams success during Shadow Strike 13-02. As Tactical Operations Officer, CW3 (Name) developed a TACOPS program that gave all pilots a standardized way to plan missions. Distinguished Leadership Award is voted at the end. SPC Alvarado's outstanding dedication to duty and focus towards mission accomplishment was instrumental in the units success during Operation Enduring Freedom 2012-2013. Sgt Deez exceptional leadership was vital to the success of J Company's force protection mission in support of Operation Freedom Sentinel. ( Do Not create a new record if there is an existing update for the same decoration with the same device. . While serving as the communications support systems specialist during OEF 10-11SPC Lovatto demonstrated outstanding motivation and dedication in the setup of 526th Brigade Support Battalin's commuications platform. SPC Walton showed dedication and responsibility by stepping out of his MOS and into one of the most important roles in JCOP Red Hill as manager of the JCOP's fuel. The BLC prepares Soldiers to lead team size units, by providing an opportunity to acquire the leader skills and knowledge needed to be successful noncommissioned officers. Under his tutelage, 19 Soldiers in the platoon fired first time "go" on the M4 and M9 weapons system and his squad APFT average was raised by 25 points. SGT Lizyness was adament about motorcycle safety and took it upon himself to mentor younger motorcycle riders on the dangers of operating a motorcycle. FOR OUTSTANDING MERITORIOUS SERVICE WHILE DEPLOYED IN SUPPORT OF OPERATION ENDURING FREEDOM (SPARTAN SHIELD). Upon arrival at the AXP, SPC House aided with triage and treatment. SGT Delaney is the example of the NCO Creed and the Army Core Values. SPC WATSON'S INITIATIVE, HARD WORK, ETHIC, AND "CAN DO" ATTITUDE HAD A DIRECT IMPACT ON THE SUCCESS OF RANGE OPERATIONS. Examples can be posted by using the form below. Soldier's communication skills and planning was the singular vital element in the execution of the mission. SGT --- effectively managed all aspects of food safety operations without mission failure and zero food related incidents. His presence, unquestionable devotion, and solid work ethic was crucial in establishing a lasting bond between the Thailand Forces and the U.S military. SPC Henderson showed sound tactical awareness during all operations by acclimating correct security posture, individual movement techniques, and proper escalation of force. She displayed great courage and commitment driving over the dangerous roads of Iraq.

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