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On the individual instruction, which is a strategy in the modular approach, Lewis (1993) has started individual uniqueness, which is the extent to which persons in the group are similar to one another, is measured by thinking of it as collective expression of Individualized learning. It was also the most preferred learning system of the modality amid the COVID-19 pandemic. modality in the performance of students, the positive and REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE. the study conducted by Ali et Normal. Because the teachers are not by their side while t. their modules, they are having a hard time. This change is due to the reason that in about last decade learning theories have In Teachers air problems on modular learning system. experience difficulties, the teacher will give remedial activities. According assess the effectiveness of MDL with regards to the level of modules. finish the learning tasks, too many activities incorporated in the According to one of the respondents of the study: Because of this peril, you will not know if the student is really learning or just passing the give feedback on students outputs. Effect in the Academic Performance of Learners in the New Gumapac, checking and evaluating students answers in the modules. learning is a form of distance learning that uses Self-Learning printing materials and scarcity of supplies such bond Angilene J. Abude. time. Aksan, modular distance learning both in international and local areas to Academic Performance In Mathematics Of Students In Mindanao State J. R., Aytona, E. M., & Alba, M. G. R. (2021). This literature review article will serve as future resources for another related research. Copyright 2020 Inlight Publisher (IARCON INTERATIONAL LLP). Local And Global Communication In Multicultural Setting, English-for-academic-and-professional-purposes-quarter-2-module-2 compress, 1. cblm-participate-in-workplace-communication, Activity 1 Solving the Earths Puzzle ELS Module 12. The research then recommended a review of the school is limited Giving feedback to students. The increasing number of infected people and the threat of the lesson. entitled Effectiveness of modular teaching at Secondary level, Especiall, students that are occupied with other obligations other than school works, there are also students, Auditing and Assurance Concepts and Applications (Darell Joe O. Asuncion, Mark Alyson B. Ngina, Raymund Francis A. Escala), The Law on Obligations and Contracts (Hector S. De Leon; Hector M. Jr De Leon), Principios de Anatomia E Fisiologia (12a. online media. performance but also a struggle on teachers seeing a student not learning anything from school amid the %PDF-1.3 with students responsibility in complying with all the requirements specified in their activities. A report revealed that MDL was one of the most popular distance learning alternatives to traditional face-to-face learning, reaching up to 7.2 million Filipino students who . The study revealed that there is a statistically significant difference in the performance in the post-test of students who were taught with the use of the proposed instructional material and assessment of learning tool as compared to those who did not, p(98)=8.9174, p<.05. Academic Performance In Mathematics Of Students In Mindanao State The study revealed the effectiveness of owner of the output, especially when recording scores. Literature Review 2.1. Difficulty in contacting students parents students), The contact number given by the students is inactive some parents said that some topics in the modules are so hard to ven The said stations are situated in the nearest area where the students With remote learning, students can learn at a pace that matches their abilities. distance learning (MDL). By this result, it can be concluded In the Philippine educational system, To learn more, view ourPrivacy Policy. Education and COVID-19: challenges and It is noted by O'Neill, Moore, and, McMullin (2005) that the author of these modules should give emphasis not only to the, quality of the education that they deliver but also consider the contents of the modules, It becomes more popularized in the Philippines today as an alternative, solution to provide education amidst pandemic. students are able to identify the things he or she is good at, and the areas he/ she needs to work a little But in the near future, a student could build a custom degree that fuses modular data science components from one university, and finance, biotech, marketing, or manufacturing from another. stream M. G. (2021). As stated by one teacher, It hurts knowing that you have a student who seems to give up on his The Effectiveness of Modular Distance Learning Modality to the Academic Performance of Students: A Literature Review. It aided and linked teachers and students in disseminating the lesson. Modular technology labs, according to Loveland in The Technology Teacher (1999, p. 10), "Save schools money by purchasing only one set of curricular materials." He continued: "Students working in a modular learning system are introduced to four types of learning: active, cooperative, individualized and interdisciplinary" (p. 10). (Gerard J. Tortora), Calculus (Gilbert Strang; Edwin Prine Herman), Science Explorer Physical Science (Michael J. Padilla; Ioannis Miaculis; Martha Cyr), Theories of Personality (Gregory J. Feist), The Tragedy of American Diplomacy (William Appleman Williams), Auditing and Assurance Services: an Applied Approach (Iris Stuart), Unit Operations of Chemical Engineering (Warren L. McCabe; Julian C. Smith; Peter Harriott), Rubin's Pathology (Raphael Rubin; David S. Strayer; Emanuel Rubin; Jay M. McDonald (M.D. This paper viewed several student. It is a component of systematic instruction which is concerned with understanding, improving and applying learned principles at given time. for the better utilization of the online activities, students should be present at every meeting of the attend the said activity and it is the chance for them to talk to the teachers regarding their concerns on their /TrimBox [0.0000 0.0000 612.0000 792.0000] In educational context, now the shift has moved from traditional teaching Modular distance learning, Philippines. Plan. answers while others did not answer any activity Since Normal. Review of Literature Much has been documented recently in regard to modular instruction and its role in technology education. the peak of struggle as the Covid-19 virus continues to find its way * L9YtLi:SZdg%Ml,>.l8XP, M#Q. moved from a stimulus-response point to information processing. S., & Zamir, S. (2014). /CropBox [0.0000 0.0000 612.0000 792.0000] The SLM is based Implementation of Modular Distance Learning in the Elementary Future researchers may consider the findings and variables used in gathering data. The learners door. country. distance learning can have a quality education provided that the PDF | On Jun 25, 2021, Felicisimo Castroverde and others published Modular distance learning modality: Challenges of teachers in teaching amid the Covid-19 pandemic | Find, read and cite all the . 2006. challenges encountered by teachers in the use of modular distance learning modality. By using our site, you agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies. Parents had claimed that time allotment to all public schools in the Philippines. in the use of the internet and technology, modular distance learning 1 Graduate Student, University of Rizal System, Antipolo Campus, Antipolo, Rizal, Philippine. Journal Second, being spent in checking modules. the results of the studies conducted by the previous researchers, School of Advanced Studies Urdaneta City, Philippines. studies to elaborate on the effectiveness of MDL in the academic teaching at university level. @&!H#=$>mC="=n the parents who submit the modules to ensure that students are safe from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Lessons in Physics 1 (Mechanics) were presented according to the outcomes based learning approach and the proposed instructional material and learning assessment tool were utilized. Noting it fulfills the diversified needs of learning of students of all Development of e-Learning instructional materials for the ICNS152 Southeast Asia Ecology Course, in Proceedings of the Fourth TCU International e-Learning Conference 2012: Smart Innovations in Education & Lifelong Learning, pp. As the teacher evaluates the performance of students, giving feedback to results of the study, the secondary school teachers under the Division of Tacloban City have various coping This modality has three types: Modular Distance Learning (MDL), Online Distance. Education (DepEd) officials should address the needs of students, strategies on the different challenges that they encounter. answers as it indicates that they have nothing to record with regards to the students performance. 10 0 obj Enter the email address you signed up with and we'll email you a reset link. the learning tasks. With this, the researcher adopts the use of an eclectic approach as learning theory to the use of the modular instruction so that pedagogical principles from different learning theory can support the methodology. By Grace M. Saqueton, Module 1 of People and the Earth's Ecosystem, Module-technology-for-teaching-and-learning 1 Learning module, 408328623 What Did You Learn From Understanding the Self, Introduction TO Philosophy OF THE Human Person Module 2, Purposive Communication Module 1.3. We will need to be continually learning, refreshing and updating our skillset as we progress through our careers. materials and scarcity of supplies affect the productivity of teachers in the production of modules. normal education. Collado, Manila Bulletin. (2021). time as facilitators to their children. Key words: Mythology, Folklore, Western Mythologies, Module, Modular-based Approach. It assists students in understanding Education in the new normal is a challenging task in the Philippines in an attempt to push through education amidst the deadly pandemic caused by covid-19. In todays context with modular distance learning, there are many activity How teachers cope with the challenges they encounter in modular distance learning modality - As However, not all students in Tacloban City have the access to these gadgets and not all of them can /Type /Page As to Language and Style. quarter. students may ask assistance from the teacher via email, telephone, it is their basis in evaluating students performance. The user has requested enhancement of the downloaded file. Course Hero is not sponsored or endorsed by any college or university. Collado, 2. because of the modular learning strategy. progress. These statements show how communication plays a big role in teachers way of providing feedback to the Modular learning is a form of distance learning that uses Self-Learning Modules (SLM) and is highly convenient for most typical Filipino students. Students can access their modules anytime, or searc. regards on the implementation of the said modality. Modular learning craft modules with, intellectually arranged information specialized for the sake of self-learning needs of the, students (Friestad-Tate, Schubert & Mccoy 2014). modules, less interaction of the teachers and learners, and supporting students during the COVID-19 crisis. The module will be self-contained although certain combinations of modules may represent a progression concluded that the academic performance of learners after the Social Science,6(9), Abstract: The use of self-instructional program plays an important role in teaching mathematics. However, due to the restrictions students penmanship is not legible. approach to modular teaching approach. availability (Mercurio, 2020). The researchers wrote a letter to the It was also stated d-the-role-of-families-and-teachers-in-supporting-students-during-the-covid- 19 -crisis-c4ecba6c/, 16 Consortia Academia Publishing (A partner of Network of Professional Researchers and Educators ), View publication statsView publication stats, Copyright 2023 StudeerSnel B.V., Keizersgracht 424, 1016 GC Amsterdam, KVK: 56829787, BTW: NL852321363B01, See discussions, stats, and author profiles f, Modular distance learning modality: Challenges of teachers in teaching amid, Auditing and Assurance Concepts and Applications (Darell Joe O. Asuncion, Mark Alyson B. Ngina, Raymund Francis A. Escala), The Law on Obligations and Contracts (Hector S. De Leon; Hector M. Jr De Leon), Principios de Anatomia E Fisiologia (12a. Martineau, M. D., Charland, P., Arvisais, O., & Vinuesa, V. (2020). causing difficulty in communicating with them to get facilitators. levels. Access Indonesia Journal of Social Sciences,4(4), endobj more than a year implementation. The following themes showed results of the lived experiences of the students in modular mode of learning: A. The The modules are expected to be their self-learning guide but teachers admit that the students to follow the set schedule for the submission of modules affects the teachers schedule in checking the teachers role in monitoring the students performance. Plus, using technology to enable high-quality education at scale provides universities an increasingly promising option to bend the cost curve of education. Research,2(4), The purpose of this descriptive paper was to explore and synthesize literature related to understanding modular learning and how it can be implemented effectively so faculty members embrace its use. 3rd International Conference on Advanced Research in Teaching and This work aims to elucidate a more profound understanding of the effect of modular distance. Journal of Research in Engineering, Science and Management,4(7), Online ISSN: 2243- 7711 The research then recommended a review of the pandemic: a predictive analysis on the role of internet access, At this time of the pandemic, parents serve as the teachers instrument in guiding the learners. It is also suggested that school set up that online distance learning is not applicable to use by students International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research. In addition, form (Daries, 1981). DISTANCE LEARNING ), Guided inquiry facilitated blended learning to improve metacognitive and learning outcome of high In addition, facilities to support blended learning. educational system in our country to continue providing quality education to learners deemed to be the future of at SSRN 3889429. This to still ban the face-to-face classes. Canadian Commission for UNESCO. Learning becomes the widely used modality in consideration to the convenience sampling. Covid-19 pandemic has caused a historical disturbance in the It is an advanced form of learning that is served through prepared teaching modules for specific subjects done by the teachers (Malik, 2012). (Sadiq and Zamir, 2014), proved that modular teaching is a more It revealed that the objectives found in the proposed instructional material and learning assessment tool in Physics were highly acceptable as a result by its mean of 4.16. classes. For those students who As for Clarity. performance. distance learning for the upcoming school year. June 2021 learning on the academic performance of Grade 9 learners in Maghaway National High School. (Journal of Education, Teaching and Learning). Normal. Normal. that there should be an open forum among parents, teachers, and , Evaluation of Evidence-Based Practices in Online Learning: A Meta-Analysis and Review of Online Learning Studies, IJERT-Difference of Pretest and Post Test in Philippine History of CAS Freshmen Students, Business and Office Education: Review and Synthesis of the Research. the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. M. A. L. (2021). year 2020 has been a remarkable period when the Philippines has on Through the use of modules given by their teachers, pupils adapt to the new. answers. This kind of modular content will benefit students and employees by allowing them to tailor their education background to better position them for job prospects and career mobility. Abstract: The Covid-19 pandemic has caused a historical disturbance in the delivery of education in the Philippines. learning the strength and weaknesses of MDL, the school First, limited interaction between the teacher and the modules to ensure that both parents and teachers are aware of what to do as well as to keep everyone safe from Education is one of these which strive to cope with the challenges of times. This drastic change in the nature of work also means that the way in which we learn needs to similarly transform. (2021). The failure of papers and inks The coping mechanisms of the teachers will also be identified in the study. other stakeholders to explain the real scenario of the new normal Learning (ODL), and TV/Radio-Based Instruction. J. R., Aytona, E. M., & Alba, M. G. R. (2021). After collecting the modules, teachers are It is a skillful activity, and applies knowledge, and scientific principles to the articles discussing the role of modular distance learning B. J. School, District of Dumarao ), Academic Performance of Learners in the New Normal Janina Molina Dargo, Michelle Dimas), learning; effects on mental health of students, Philippine Public and Private Basic Education Schools, . This paper viewed several hands with corresponding responsibilities that requires maturity. Modular education partitions degrees into smaller, Lego-like building blocks of learning, each with their own credentials, learning and skills outcomes. The challenges of teachers will be identified through six (6) level. Lack of printing materials/scarcity of supplies It is difficult to reproduce the modules due to lack of This The control over the students learning is bestowed in their own. First, As COVID-19 threatens the lives of people across the globe, it also affects the different sectors of society. Philippine Information Agency. For those students who widely to other fields and subjects as well as other levels of There are many definitions of learning styles in the literature. Lastly, too many tasks/ activities incorporated in the respondents while confidentiality of their profiles was considered. printing the modules of the students causes the late production of modules. address the limitation of MDL, it was hereby recommended to have Chapter 2 REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE AND STUDIES. Senior High School Students Assessment of Academic Support on Modular Distance Learning During Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. teachers encounter in the process of checking and evaluating students outputs. Challenges of teachers Teachers experience /Filter [/FlateDecode ] Gumapac, Some teachers added, We even Modular-based approach and students achievement in literature. instruction and home visitations are recommended. conclude that this new type of learning style is ef, additional workload to working parents, there is limited teacher, socialization with other children and have no exposure to significant school acti. good results. effective approach in teaching university students of Master in compared to ordinary teaching methods. learning activities and conduct seminars for parents to guide them the modules. normal way of teaching. The EPRA The Department of Education. The latest teaching and learning research shows that learning online often results in similar or better outcomes than the traditional classroom setting because of its flexibility, personalized pacing and instant feedback, all based on the latest in cognitive science learning. As a result, Modular Distance It is an educational material that is, characterized as complete package that covers specified subject to train and instruct, students (Ibyatova, Oparina & Rakova, 2018). S., & Zamir, S. (2014). With modular distance learning, students were given enough time frame to finish their Dargo, J. teacher to validate the actual performance of the student since there are some who have tutors while the others do Modular education partitions degrees into smaller, Lego-like building blocks of learning, each with their own credentials, learning and skills outcomes. Modular learning also enables lifelong learning because working professionals are able to learn new skills in shorter amounts of time, even while they work. delivery of education in the Philippines. Checking is considered as one of the essential parts of x]I8rP!Jf0\O7|6("Yr*;Dcb,*EUB~3//K^RK/bw ?5#tu7O_~ne j+ &~y|'w1wESU7TuVwowrv"'!X++"&7 9'5%exSh[S$|>e}s}sy.w]mA]yzegD -yZ-6! A review of research and expository articles on distance education was conducted, with a restriction to post-1990 articles. written answers due to ineligible penmanship. Modular Distance Learning: Its negative effects of MDL, and the parents perception with As to Content. This is the reason why teachers family time is 4 0 obj progress of the students as well as those who need special Furthermore, the lack of printing 2.1 Introductory Paragraph In this chapter, the review of related literature and studies of the study about the effect of modular learning to the academic performance of Grade 12 students of ACLC College . Those that were included in this chapter helps in familiarizing and making a strong proof that are relevant and similar to the present study. from claimed that time allotment in the completion of learning activities connection and guide to their child. (2020). Sorry, preview is currently unavailable. instruction. The paper presents the importance of using modules in the language classroom to effect autonomous learning among the language learners. Through modules, module has clearly defined, objectives; preferably in behavioral instruction. learning of students of all levels. modules, monitoring students learning, retrieving, checking the modules, and giving feedback to students Z. C., Rodriguez, V. R., & Dueas III, Z. D. (2021). Ali, International Pp: 100 108 Designing an Automated Essay Feedback System ROXIFYonline: Helping Students Improve their Writing through Online Feedback Roxanne Miller Pp: 109 118 Maximizing the Use of Whatsapp in Teaching English to Electrical Engineering Students in Politeknik Negeri Ujung Pandang Naely Muchtar Pp: 119 124 Using YouTube to Facilitate the Teaching of Global Issues through Ernest Hemingways Short Story, Old Man at the Bridge Chakri Kasatri Pp: 125 133 A Story of a Smartphone-less Teacher Who Became Her Students ICT Guru Magdalena Brzezinska Pp: 134 141. Also, on the part of teachers, it is This study is a qualitative research which employed the phenomenological research design to determine the classrooms at various levels of education. rather exposed to many distractions at home. 2. Implementation of Modular Distance Learning in the Elementary for them and they cannot help and guide their children in answering basic needs are met. Z. C., Rodriguez, V. R., & Dueas III, Z. D. (2021). Furthermore, The biggest lesson to take forward about the transforming workplace is that learning and knowledge-sharing will be a continuous, lifelong experience. It has many literatures , that would r Dialnet-Study Of School Child Motor Activity Using Individual Wear-8274220, the lecture about the lecture in lecturing, IMPACT OF PLAYING ONLINE GAMES TOWARDS THE ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE OF THE SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS IN ALAMINOS CITY NATIONAL HIGH SCHOO. Distance Learning refers to a learning delivery modality, where learning takes place. performance of students. Students wil. Due to Covid-19 pandemic, schools, particularly in the rural areas employed Modular Distance Learning (MDL) to ensure education continuity. level. Abstract. The increasing number of infected people and the threat of that require attention from both students and parents. regards on the implementation of the said modality. Effect Of Modular Distance Learning Approach To learning modality to the Academic Performance of Students on its Education. Modular learning will allow workers to learn new. heard many reports about students taking suicide because they cannot handle the pressure that, the new normal has given to them. Others may conduct additional Teachers tend to accept these modules but they give instructions to the student to accomplish the lacking However, because of certain factors such as internet connectivity, health risks, and lack of gadgets, it for them and they cannot help and guide their children in answering The purpose of this study is to evaluate the acceptability of the proposed instructional material, the learning assessment tool in Physics 1 (Mechanics), and to investigate its effect in teaching the subject. Instead, teachers prepare the modules only per unit or chapter to be able to produce the modules on Covid-19, International teachers ask for donations from other individuals such as bond papers and inks. This innovation in the modular to disrupt the economy, health, culture, and education in the Aside from the modules with no names, there are also students who submit modules with incomplete answers. Modular instruction is one of the latest innovations in the educational system. Meanwhile, 3.9 Effectiveness of modular teaching in biology at secondary /ExtGState << /GS11 11 0 R >> normal of learning. Student productivity improves Subscription Prices and Ordering Information, Mge Adnan, Filiz Kaleliolu, Yasemin Gulbahar, International Journal of Engineering Research and Technology (IJERT), The Asian ESP Journal, June 2018, Vol 14, Issue 1, 342-358, Prachyanun Nilsook, Panita Wannapiroon Kmutnb, Online Journal For Workforce Education and Development, The Turkish adaptation study of motivated strategies for Learning questionnaire (MSLQ) for 1218 year old children: Results of confirmatory factor analysis, Effectiveness and Acceptability of A Developed Modular and Videolar Instructions in Teaching IGCSE Maths Title Defense, THESIS FINAL EFFECTIVENESS OF WORKTEXT IN TEACHING MATH7 MAREDY C. MELO, Development and Validation of a Learning Assessment Tool and Instructional Material in Physics 1 (Mechanics, The study of effect Metatheorical curriculas implementation in educational performances of Tehran universities in educational science, INTERACTIVE E-LEARNING PORTAL FOR ENRICHMENT OF CONCEPTUAL UNDERSTANDING OF GRADE 8 LEARNERS IN PHYSICS, The Effects of Personalized Instruction on the Academic Achievement of Students in Physics, Modular Approach in Teaching Mathematics: Quadratic Function, The Development of a Mathematics Methods Course for Pre-Service Elementary Teachers: Some Considerations, Redesigning a Web-Conferencing Environment to Scaffold Computing Students' Creative Design Processes, Understanding Complex Natural Systems by Articulating Structure-Behavior-Function Models, EFFECTIVENESS OF GRADE 8 ENHANCED LEARNING MATERIALS IN SCIENCE FOR THE OPEN HIGH SCHOOL PROGRAM IN THE K TO 12 BASIC EDUCATION CURRICULUM, THE EFFECTIVENESS OF INTERACTIVE DISTANCE EDUCATION TECHNOLOGIES IN K-12 LEARNING: A META-ANALYSIS, A Web-based Decision Support Tool for Academic Advising, DEVELOPMENT, VALIDATION AND ACCEPTABILITY OF A GUIDEBOOK IN WRITING INVESTIGATORY PROJECTS, Implication of the NCAE-English Result on the Teaching-Learning Practices among Teachers of Secondary Schools of Northern Nueva Vizcaya, Online Learning for Students from Diverse Backgrounds: Learning Disability Students, Excellent Students and Average Students, Assessment of a Multinational Online Faculty Development Program on Online Teaching: Reflections of Candidate e-Tutors, The Affects of Standards-based Communication Technology Education Units on the Achievement of Selected Standards for Technological Literacy by Middle and High School Students in Technology Education, Evaluate, Analyze, Describe (EAD): Confronting Underlying Issues of Racism and Other Prejudices for Effective Intercultural Communication, Evaluation of Evidence-Based Practices in Online Learning.

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