Rafał Gęślicki

is an expert on project management experienced in ICT projects. He has participated (team member, team leader, project manager and program director) in over 50 projects on both client and contractor sides. He has vast experience in software development, software implementation and integration projects, especially in workflow and e-services solutions. He has managed software development and implementation, business development, consulting and integration projects.

His experiences was built in global companies as Siemens and IBM where he spent over 10 years and in consulting area as a free-lancer, consultant, partner and executive partner. He has been the Executive Partner at PositivePro since September 2009.

He has published 3 books (one as an author and two as a co-author) and over 100 articles and papers, connected with ICT issues. Apart from his main occupation, he is a lecturer of financial management at the State School of Public Administration and project management at Lodz University of Technology.